Friday, July 11, 2014

What I Take When I'm Getting Sick

In the world of chemicals and "safe" drugs, those of us with allergies and intolerances find it hard to find stuff that actually works. I have a reaction to almost every single prescription out there, especially antibiotics. My allergy list is long, just ask the nurses at my Dr.'s office. I even had a super rare reaction to Barium a few weeks ago. My body is just more sensitive than the average bear and I know I'm not alone. So, what do people like us do when we're getting sick? Nyquil? No. Advil or Benadryl? No. They'll all make you sick to your stomach most likely.  You'll find your answer in one word: Homeopathy.

Luckily, that does not mean finding herbs and oddities and making your own tinctures (although stuff like that is pretty awesome and will help, too). Nowadays you can buy natural products that will work with your body with no side effects or drug interactions, and they actually work.  Of course, you need to drink plenty of fluids and get rest etc., but ditch the shitty chemicals that will prolong your illness (and give you awful side effects) and give these a try.

Enter two of my best friends:

Both of these dudes are amazing. The Coldcalm is a bit of a commitment because you take 2 tablets every 15 minutes for one-two hours, then it's more of an as needed kind of deal.  You take it early, much like EmergenC. I find that after the initial dosage I already feel better. I use the Hyland's mostly at night so I can get some sleep.

With both of these, I can kick a cold in about three days instead of over a week (thanks, adrenal glands) .  I don't know why everyone bashes homeopathy. It works, and it works well, and it's a hell of a lot safer to put in your body than a lot of other products. 

Both of these are gluten free even though it's not on the packaging (marketing mistake!). There is some lactose in the Coldcalm as an inactive ingredient, but I've never had an issue with it.

I get these at Walgreens!

Happy (natural) healing!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July.

This is Paleo "potato" salad. All you do is use slightly steamed cauliflower (until it's the consistency of cooked potatoes) instead of potatoes and add in everything else like normal. Honestly, there's not much taste difference - even my 14-year-old cousin enjoyed it.

I found THIS bun recipe and am so in love! It's grain/gluten/dairy free and doesn't fall apart or is over dry like a lot of store bought gluten free products.  I have BBQ chicken on it but have also used it for Sweet Italian Turkey sausage. It's seriously awesome and I like that you make one at a time so it's fresh.

I used THIS recipe for this grain/gluten/dairy free coconut pound cake trifle. It turned out SO good.

Hope y'all had a great 4th!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Not-So-Full Bladder

I am so tired of health issues, y'all. After the CT was 'clear' I had to call back because a different doctor read it than ordered it. So I call and he says, 'The CT was clear for a carcinoid but we found a uterus abnormality. We'll put the orders in for an ultrasound immediately.' Okay, COOL. I have central low attenuation or something - which possibly meant an early sign of cancer. What. A. Roller. Coaster.

He told me that Sunday and by Monday at 10 o'clock, I was sitting in a waiting room. You have to drink 32oz of water beforehand to fill your bladder up so your uterus shows up better. Apparently I was way more dehydrated than everyone realized and it ended up taking over 100oz to get it even close to full. So what would've been fifteen minutes in that building took over two hours.

But, I got the results and they came back fine. So I don't know what the hell is up with my uterus.

Next stop - Endocrinologist to check out my Pituitary gland. Sounds fun.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Spit, Tumors and Faxes

Okay, so I was totally kidding about that whole dying thing on Wednesday, but there for a minute no one was actually sure. I went in for that "come in ASAP" on the neurotransmitter test.

That little 5-HIAA is almost double what it should be.  Apparently that flagged me for a Carcinoid AKA stomach tumor.

My hormone levels were better except I'm still not holding onto Progesterone like I should (still infertile) and now my morning Cortisol is high instead of low.

So, we have some things to figure out. First up though was the CAT scan to check for a tumor. I've had plenty of CAT scans done before without a hitch, but now that my body is more sensitive to chemicals, foods, etc., it reacts to everything differently. So, of course, leave it to me to have an allergic reaction to the Barium that you drink before the CAT scan. Small powwow later and they gave me Benadryl, didn't make me drink the second round of Barium, and they gave me a different IV dye than most people give. The dye 100% makes you feel like you pissed yourself. But the tech was really funny and nice, and since I was the last patient she let us take pictures once the machine was shut down, and I even got to go in the back and look at my scans. Not my cup of tea, seeing my body parts on a screen and watching my aorta pump the dye around.

So I got zero sleep last night because no one called with the results that my GP should've had within the hour. The whole house, my friends and boyfriend were on standby, anxiously waiting. I called my GP when no one called me. They didn't have results. I called four hours later, they still didn't have results. I called the lab that did the CAT scan and it turns out they faxed my results to the wrong. number. So they faxed them again and it wasn't even an hour before a tech called said no tumor.  I understand that we all make mistakes but when you're dealing with scared, potentially very sick people, you would think they would triple check their shit.

The doctor that read the scan isn't the one that ordered it, so this one suggested a pelvic ultrasound but no one knows if it's because of what the initial doctor put in his notes or not. I'll have to track him down on Sunday and find out why this dude suggested that.

It's been a wild 48 hours. None of this seems real. It all happened so fast. I was fine, then all of a sudden I might have a tumor that could possibly be cancer, then hours later I find out I'm fine. What a roller coaster. And I hate roller coasters. It'll probably take a couple of days for this to really hit me as things tend to do.

So no tumor! But probably some more tests in the future because we're still unsure why that level is so freaking high.

I would like to thank Bonterra for making organic wine that my body does't reject. I had a lot of it the last 48 hours. And, of course, thank you to everyone on Twitter, IG, Facebook, etc. for the positive wishes. Much appreciated.
Really makes you question life for a second. You have all these plans and things you put off and then something like this happens that couldn't turned my life upside down for a very long time. Why do we put things off? Don't put things off.

And fuck you, fax machines.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Giveaway + Health

Congrats to the giveaway winner - Ruth! I had to draw for the winner twice because the first time it said the winning entry was an IG follower, but that person never actually followed me on IG, so boo on you ya cheater, and congrats to the real winner and to everyone that entered!

As y'all know, I did a yearly checkin saliva test for my hormones which came back kind And today they called saying my last tests were in and they "want to see me as soon as possible" about them. So to me, that means it's something horrible. But maybe not. I go in a couple of hours to see and then I will do a full results post in a couple of days.

Fingers crossed I'm not dying!


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ioni Cosmetics Review.

It's no secret that I love cheap makeup. Wet n' Wild, NYC and NYX are some of my favorites. I was at a drugstore called Fred's and came across this cosmetics line. From what I can tell, it's only at Fred's and online. It's called Ioni and it might rock your world (and your budget)...if you own superglue.

I only picked up a few things incase this line was a total bust. This line is made by the company that makes LA Splash and it's not tested on animals. The packaging is cute and modern as are the product containers, but this line has some issues.

Lip glosses, stains, and sticks, and mascaras are my favorites of the makeup world so that's what I focused on with this line. I also needed a powder blush, so I picked up two of them.

So I got:

Lash Affair Lengthening Waterproof Mascara in Very Black
Lashinphatuation Instant Bigger Lash Waterproof Mascara in Ultra Black
Lipgloss in Cappuccino (top right nude), Fanciful (bottom left pink), Dolly (top left pink), and Cinema (bottom right red)
Blush in Ecstasy (bottom) and Miss Bliss (top)

Mascaras were $2.50, Lipglosses were $1, and Blushers were $2 or $2.50
These are more expensive on Ioni's site for some reason ($3.49 for a gloss instead of $1!). So I would recommend buying from Fred's.

Let's start with mascaras.

The tube is pretty thick, and I have some wand issues but the actual mascara is pretty nice for $2.50. The wand is really stiff to the point that one wrong wiggle at your lash roots and it's going to hurt like a mother. Product also gathers at the base and tip of the wand so there's a lot of wiping involved before application. Bitching aside, here's what it looks like on the lashes.

For $2.50, its okay. It does lengthen the lashes and the waterproof is actually pretty well. It rained the day I wore this and it didn't smudge, but as soon as I did my oil routine it came right off. But it's a bit of a mess to get on and somehow that stiff brush slips and I got mascara near my eyebrow. 

This one also has a weirdly shaped, thick tube. But the formula is better than the Lash Affair, and it looks better on the lashes, too. The wand is thinner than Lash Affair (totally forgot a picture) but the product goops at the tip.

It's still not amazing but it's really good mascara for the price. And, again, the waterproof was really good. I would repurchase this one.

Onto lipglosses. These guys are lovely if you've got your superglue. I opened them up and on all but Fanciful, the rubber stopper popped right out on the first pump.  Um, not cool. 



What a mess! So I got a butter knife and dug it out, put superglue around the seal and put it back in its place. I haven't had an issue since! I do expect Fanciful to do the same soon, but the mess is a quick fix.

Crazy gloss explosions aside, here are the colors on the lips.


This ended up being a gorgeous pinky-nude.


This ended up being way sheerer than I hoped for. The color is nice, but it kind of gathers in the lines and feathers pretty quickly.


I've been wearing Dolly a lot. It's a nice wash of spring-y pink, but it's not sheer and as line-settling as Fanciful is.


Cinema was a great surprise. My camera and software picked it up true but the color distorted when uploading it here. It looks brighter and more neon here when in person it's a deep, gorgeous red. This is really pigmented too, unlike the pinks. The major downfall here is the feathering. You can see in the picture that it's already starting on the bottom lip and this was taken just a few minutes after I applied it. So a liner would be a must with this gloss.

Overall, for a dollar these are pretty good. Some colors seem to have a different formula than others as some are more sheer and others more pigmented, the packaging was a disaster with 3/4 stoppers coming out, and they're a little on the sticky side.

Blush time.

Miss Bliss is a really pretty mauve shade. It looks pinker here, another uploading distortion.

Ecstasy is a gorgeous coral/red shade.

I don't personally own a good powder blush brush because I've been using cream blushes for years. I tried a few different ones I had and based on them, this stuff is pretty well-pigmented but I felt like after a few hours all the color was gone. They were hard to blend, too. I even ended up going back over with a foundation brush to blend out the mess. So, in my opinion they're pretty but I don't know how much of a difference a good brush will make here.

So Ioni gets a 2.5/5 for me. I wasn't impressed enough here to go buy more from them. The quality is okay for the price, but they really skimped on the packaging when it came to the lipglosses. I also don't understand why everything is like three times as much on the website than in stores when they advertise on the site for the Fred's stores. That's really weird and pretty shitty marketing for the people that want to try this but aren't near a Fred's.


Friday, May 30, 2014

Small Haul.

Given my latest health issues, in addition to working out regularly again (my adrenal glands are finally starting to rev their engines which means I can now workout without getting sick), I've dropped a bit of weight and had to go clothes shopping. Oh, poor me, clothes shopping! Anyway.

Kohls was the first stop. Sales, clearance and a 30% off coupon = heaven.

Starfish shorts. Like you don't need these.

I hate shopping for bottoms (who designed female pants sizing charts? I can fluctuate three sizes given the brand) but did find some jeggings and jeans.  And I needed sandals with some tread because I'm tired of busting my ass in public in my old ones.

I tried Target but found mostly crop tops or weird patterns. I did get underwear (I LOVE Gilligan and O'Malley) but I'll spare you. I went to Walmart to buy almonds and ended up finding these guys on clearance.  Anklets and toe rings make me happy.


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