Monday, August 18, 2014

What to Wear to X-Rays.

Good afternoon! I am headed in for a bunch of new X-Rays to see if some other health issues are going on - this time we are focusing on my spinal cord. Should be fun!

If you've never had X-Rays done, here are a few tips for dressing before "the event."

1) Dress in clothes easy to remove because you will have to drop your gear and get into a gown. Don't wear a lot of zippers or buttons.
2) Don't wear a lot of jewelry - most metal on you needs to be removed.
3) Take body jewelry out ahead of time.
4) Have easy-off shoes, to speed up the process. Shoes with a ton of laces are going to take time to get off, thus making everything take longer and making the tech/doctor wait. If they wait too long, sometimes they have to go to the next patient. The quicker you are, the better!
5) Have all of your paperwork done ahead of time - if they give it to you to fill out at home.

All of this is quick to remove, including the necklace, my body jewelry is out, and I'm wearing shoes I can slip off before I go into the X-Ray room.

Good luck!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Boyfriend and OOTDs.

Thank y'all for the comments, e-mails, messages, etc. about my boyfriend story! You guys are so supportive - I love you guys.

To answer the number one question I received (I'll have to do a Q&A post eventually) - Did his mom read this??: Turns out, she did. Also turns out she misinterpreted the entire post, I'm still the bad guy instead of the victim, she basically hates me now, and wants nothing to do with me. So, I don't exactly foresee any kind of relationship happening with her. No welcoming family dinners in my future. I'm sure his ex is happy. Anyway.

I've been wearing a lot of dresses lately. The weather has been oddly mild for Alabama, so I'm getting as much leg-out time as I can.

Dress: Dollar General (right?)
Boots: Madden Girl

Dress: Ross

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Alright, here it is. The boyfriend story - over two years in the making. Why has this taken so long to post? Well, you're about to find out. You're excited, aren't you? Grab a drink and follow along - I'm on my second glass of wine! Match. Fist bump it.

So we met almost three years ago on Twitter. Yep. Twitter. Author Maureen Johnson re-tweeted him, I saw it, loved it, thought he was cute, and followed him. He followed me back and a few weeks later we were tweeting at each other innocently as he was nearing the end of a horrible relationship. That relationship ended and we tweeted more and more and soon that turned into DMs on Twitter, then we exchanged phone numbers and the texting/calls began.

So why is this titled 'Unacceptable' you might ask? Well, things were never easy. Still aren't in some areas. I fell for him quickly and about two months into our 'official' relationship, his mom found out about me (through his ex!). Here I am thinking no big deal, I'm a good person and parents tend to adore the shit out of me. But not this one. This one found out we are not the same religion and she was done with me just like that, told him to stop talking to me and cut me off and end the relationship.

So there I was, stunned that someone so important washed their hands of me in seconds because of religion. To me, Christians should leave the judging to God (isn't that all over the fucking place?) and accept people for who they are. Not the case in this relationship. Then I had to worry about losing someone I had grown so close to.
We didn't end things, as you probably guessed. We've spent the last two years pretty much dating in secret. My parents, friends and family knew about him early on, and he told some friends and coworkers about me. And, you probably guessed it, not many friends (of the same religion) were a fan from the beginning - but some and coworkers were happy for him.

Then there was his ex - what a crazy bitch, and that's putting it nicely. She would basically stalk him and tell him to break up with me, she told his mom about us in hopes it would break us up, she texted him even after a year and a half of being broken up and would tell him she still loved him and wanted him back (pathetic much?) and even this past year she did some unspeakable bullshit that put him through a lot. She's a horrible, horrible person and for her to call herself a Christian is hilarious. She's a conniving, two-faced hypocrite who deserves to have her tires slashed on a weekly basis. And that's me being nice about her. And his ex is still all in his mom's life, which is really desperate to me. She's an EX. She should've been out of everyone's lives like three years ago. And yet she thinks she has some weird right to still be in the picture. Bitches be crazy, and this bitch is insane.

So the past two years have been weird. I couldn't post anything about him because his ex stalked the hell out of me online as well as him - so anything I posted would get back to his parents (see the bitch part?). We live almost 3,000 miles apart which is hard. But having no support from most of the people in his life was even harder. If I wanted to mail him something, I couldn't just mail it like a normal girlfriend. I had to use a fake name and return address and drive to Tennessee so the return address didn't come from Alabama - all so his mom wouldn't find out. Because if his parents found out we were still an item, the chances of him being kicked out skyrocketed.

So I was never a normal girlfriend. We had to cancel a lot of phone dates because friends of his would show up at his house and they either didn't approve of me (so he wouldn't mention we had a date) or they couldn't know about me (because they would tell his parents) or his parents would be around so he couldn't talk freely. And if he was out with friends, I learned quickly that that meant he would barely talk to me.

It was hard, especially the friend thing. After learning about his relationship with his family, I realized that most of his friends were the ones I should be worried about accepting me. But even where they were concerned, things were weird.

He finally moved out not long ago and so the girlfriend in me was excited. Finally, we could go public because there was no chance of him being kicked out. Finally, he could shout from the rooftops that he has a girlfriend. Finally, we could be normal. But, that still didn't exactly happen. He was pretty weird about posting me on Instagram and changing his Facebook status, and by the time he had I was so exhausted emotionally that I wasn't prepared for what happened.

What happened? Well, my picture got 12 likes. The picture of beer he posted after me? Triple that. Yeah. Beer got triple the likes than the girlfriend. I recognized so many names under the beer picture and only three under mine. So all of those 'friends' apparently, to me anyway, were friends within the religion but as soon as they caught wind that I am not of the same religion, the friendship was limited.

So there I was, heartbroken that it took way too much effort for him to go public and then the response that I got was just...disappointing.

To me, friendship is all about accepting people and loving them and being happy for them. And all of this makes so many friendships look fake and like you can only be friends if you follow all of these rules. That's such bullshit to me. He's happy and his friends (ALL of them) should be happy for him. It upsets me a lot, and I know it's not even close to what he's gone through in that department.

We all want to be accepted. I grew up an ARMY brat as most of you know. I never belonged, I never fit in. So in this relationship, I always envisioned being welcomed and accepted and having all of the friends he talked so highly about want to get to know me, the girlfriend, the person that makes him happy. Instead, it was a fantastic slap in the face that they accept beer...but not me. I'm unaccepted and looked down on by so many people in his life and it's just so upsetting.

I know not everyone likes you in life, but I thought I deserved for them to get to know me as a person, to learn about me and our relationship. Not shut me down the second they find out I'm not the same religion. It says a lot about religion, that was in particular, to me. You get a religion that is supposed to be welcoming and accepting and warm and kind - and then you're in a situation like this and you find out how judgmental, unaccepting, disapproving, and unloving it really can be. Personally, I don't see a single good thing in this religion based on my experiences with it. I'm at the point where I don't even want to meet most of the people in his life because they have already treated me so god damn badly when I've done nothing to deserve it. I was raised differently. That's it. And I've gotten put through absolute hell because of it. That's not even close to fair.

So, I love a boy 3,000 miles away and when I go to visit him I have a very limited number of people who want to lay eyes on me. Makes you want to hop on a plane right now, doesn't it?

Hopefully, things improve with time. But only time will tell. I can only be who I am, and be in this relationship and try to forget about all of the people trying to tear us apart and make things harder than they already are. And I can do it. I've done it for over two years already.

Hopefully future posts on this relationship will be happier and filled with pictures of our adventures together, but right now I'm posting what is going on in it now - which is still a lot of unacceptance surrounding love.

Haters gonna hate, right?

Monday, August 11, 2014


Dress: Target
Boots: Madden Girl (from Kohls)

Sorry for the MIA. I was on vacation, then dealing with personal/relationship issues and then some health stuff. Regularity coming soon!

Friday, July 11, 2014

What I Take When I'm Getting Sick

In the world of chemicals and "safe" drugs, those of us with allergies and intolerances find it hard to find stuff that actually works. I have a reaction to almost every single prescription out there, especially antibiotics. My allergy list is long, just ask the nurses at my Dr.'s office. I even had a super rare reaction to Barium a few weeks ago. My body is just more sensitive than the average bear and I know I'm not alone. So, what do people like us do when we're getting sick? Nyquil? No. Advil or Benadryl? No. They'll all make you sick to your stomach most likely.  You'll find your answer in one word: Homeopathy.

Luckily, that does not mean finding herbs and oddities and making your own tinctures (although stuff like that is pretty awesome and will help, too). Nowadays you can buy natural products that will work with your body with no side effects or drug interactions, and they actually work.  Of course, you need to drink plenty of fluids and get rest etc., but ditch the shitty chemicals that will prolong your illness (and give you awful side effects) and give these a try.

Enter two of my best friends:

Both of these dudes are amazing. The Coldcalm is a bit of a commitment because you take 2 tablets every 15 minutes for one-two hours, then it's more of an as needed kind of deal.  You take it early, much like EmergenC. I find that after the initial dosage I already feel better. I use the Hyland's mostly at night so I can get some sleep.

With both of these, I can kick a cold in about three days instead of over a week (thanks, adrenal glands) .  I don't know why everyone bashes homeopathy. It works, and it works well, and it's a hell of a lot safer to put in your body than a lot of other products. 

Both of these are gluten free even though it's not on the packaging (marketing mistake!). There is some lactose in the Coldcalm as an inactive ingredient, but I've never had an issue with it.

I get these at Walgreens!

Happy (natural) healing!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July.

This is Paleo "potato" salad. All you do is use slightly steamed cauliflower (until it's the consistency of cooked potatoes) instead of potatoes and add in everything else like normal. Honestly, there's not much taste difference - even my 14-year-old cousin enjoyed it.

I found THIS bun recipe and am so in love! It's grain/gluten/dairy free and doesn't fall apart or is over dry like a lot of store bought gluten free products.  I have BBQ chicken on it but have also used it for Sweet Italian Turkey sausage. It's seriously awesome and I like that you make one at a time so it's fresh.

I used THIS recipe for this grain/gluten/dairy free coconut pound cake trifle. It turned out SO good.

Hope y'all had a great 4th!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Not-So-Full Bladder

I am so tired of health issues, y'all. After the CT was 'clear' I had to call back because a different doctor read it than ordered it. So I call and he says, 'The CT was clear for a carcinoid but we found a uterus abnormality. We'll put the orders in for an ultrasound immediately.' Okay, COOL. I have central low attenuation or something - which possibly meant an early sign of cancer. What. A. Roller. Coaster.

He told me that Sunday and by Monday at 10 o'clock, I was sitting in a waiting room. You have to drink 32oz of water beforehand to fill your bladder up so your uterus shows up better. Apparently I was way more dehydrated than everyone realized and it ended up taking over 100oz to get it even close to full. So what would've been fifteen minutes in that building took over two hours.

But, I got the results and they came back fine. So I don't know what the hell is up with my uterus.

Next stop - Endocrinologist to check out my Pituitary gland. Sounds fun.

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